Monday, November 14, 2011


  • Has 7 teeth at age 9 months
  • Took a poop on the bathroom rug last week (picture NOT shown. You're welcome.)
  • Will not be attending Penn State for anything, ever.
  • Will probably not be allowed to play sports. Ever. (I kid.)
  • Loves to grab Sadie's hair.
  • Loves to thrust his head backwards into mommy's nose.
  • Can't sleep past 6:05 a.m. unless he has had a flu shot and only 1 nap in the past 23 hours.
  • Laughs more than he sleeps, talks or crawls
  • Second to laughing, this kid loves to wave. Always the waving with Simon.
  • Looks like mommy but is all Daddy. (See the part where he loves to laugh.)

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