Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Dream Is Born

Today marks the day that my vision for Meatball's nursery came into full focus. All my obsessions were not for naught. I have found a theme I love that matches the room color perfectly so Jeff and I don't have to try to squeeze "Paint Nursery" onto our already-debilitatingly-long to-do list. It's whimsical. It's masculine enough, without being macho or too mature for a little baby boy. It's retro. It's functional. It's perfect, just like our Meatball.

It's the sock monkey.

OH MY GOD, have I ever been so excited? The color scheme is a muted brick red, off white, and brown. The crib will be a dark wood. The decorative rug will be off white as will the chair and ottoman, where Jeff and I may end up sleeping many a night come this winter. I found a sock monkey memory board and some vintage prints, along with a valance depicting happy, dancing sock monkeys.

I can't wait to order the bedding. I am so happy I found it for less than the cost of a human organ. It's been a hell of a week, complete with a fender bender while driving out to Hanover Park (ever heard of it? Right. Me neither), which is not the most relaxing thing to come to pass during this pregnancy. Jeff's been out of town and I have been unable to sleep because of the snoring and the obsessing and the back aches.

I deserve this. I deserve happy sock monkeys dancing around my son's room. Jeff deserves a wife who has a son who has a room decorated with a sock monkey theme, and Sadie deserves a brother/nextdoor neighbor with a room festooned with sock monkeys.

EVERYBODY WINS when the Sock Monkey takes center stage.

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