Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chocolate-Covered Biscuits

Here at 35 weeks, it's the point in my pregnancy where I crave two things pretty much 'round the clock: Biscuits (big, fluffy KFC biscuits) and chocolate. Dark chocolate. The trouble is that there is no room in my stomach. I can only comfortably eat about 10 bites at a time, which means I basically eat every hour. It's slightly annoying to have to always have a snack nearby (along with the Tums and a gallon of water), but I only have to do it for about a month longer.

Seriously, though, how come KFC hasn't come up with the chocolate-covered biscuit? There is some nasty sandwhich that uses fried chicken for the bun, so why not combine the dessert with the most delicious of all breakfast starches? I would take the hot fudge from the sundae machine at Dairy Queen and cover my biscuits and then take my 10 nibbles about 10 times a day. I think I am really on to something here. Or Magic Shell. Can you imagine a hard chocolate shell around a biscuit? I think the biscuit should be buttered before the Magic Shell goes on, but either way, that's something very special I am inventing right here and now.

When not concocting more disgusting ideas for American fast food, which, incidentally, I don't even eat, I am finishing up my goal of reading 30 books this year. I started this project with this pregnancy, when I was too sick and hot to do anything else in my first trimester. I am going to do a post where I give a brief review of the "What I learned from this book" variety tomorrow, but for now, I am currently finishing Andre Agassi's autobiography, Open, which, I think, technically, is a memoir, but either way I am learning more about tennis and hair loss than I ever thought possible. It's a captivating read, and I distinctly remember making fun of the book on Facebook 2 years ago. I guess along with my chocolate biscuits, I will have to eat my words.

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