Monday, December 27, 2010

White Christmas

Another Christmas has come and gone. There is something about surviving all the stress and extras of the holidays that makes the last week of December feel like a breeze, even though I am work and there is plenty of work to do. I have an arbitration before my maternity leave and, of course, there's the whole Preparing For The Baby to undertake.
Today it's back to the routine, except that the nanny called in sick so Jeff and I are juggling our day jobs with taking care of Sadie. I won't lie. It's very stressful. It's hard to be an employer because of course we want the nanny to have sick days and stay home to take care of herself (and not infect Sadie or us) when she's ill. But, it happens about once per month and the scramble and panic that ensues for me and Jeff is just plain nuts.
But, the sun is out for the first time since Thursday and the view from my office is really beautiful. (See above.) I love seeing Millenium Park covered in snow and it's nice that there are fewer people downtown today because of the holiday.
My biggest new project is to keep things in perspective. Last night when we learned the nanny wasn't coming in, I worked on my new project. It's not the end of the world. It's a slow week. If Jeff and I divide our time, we can both get everything done. I may have to work tonight after Sadie goes to bed. Nothing tragic is transpiring. I don't have that much on my work plate and what I do have is portable so I can bring it home. I was very proud of myself for not flying into a panicky-rage and saying we have to find a new nanny and hire an au pair and also get some back up childcare because it's so scary to be in charge of a little person that I love so much. Can you imagine how psycho I will be the first time the nanny calls in sick when we have TWO children, one of whom is even littler and more vulnerable than Sadie?
And that's exactly why the newest, top priority project is KEEPING. THINGS. IN. PERSPECTIVE.

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