Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pride Goeth Before a Fall

Feeling humbled here in the snow-covered Midwest. My breasts hurt. They really hurt. I can't believe I am struggling with breast feeding. Sadie and I did this for 10 minutes, not more than 35 weeks ago. I talked to the lactation consultant last night at bedtime, but I can't get a visit until the 12-foot snow drifts melt enough to make driving in a car safe. Damn. First the C-section that I was hoping to avoid, then the breast feeding issues. I can't tell you how compromised I feel walking around with pain in my abdomen and pain in my breasts. I won't say it's not fair because I have 2 healthy, gorgeous children so if we want to talk about fair we can discuss how it is "fair" that I get these two amazing gifts. It is annoying and sort of painful. I walked Sadie and Jeff to the door so they could go to their playdate with a neighbor and the minute I opened the door and the Arctic air hit my sore nipples (for the record, I was wearing clothes) and I got the wind knocked out of me.

Anyway, to the extent that sharing the pain lessens the pain, maybe writing about the angst will help. I am grateful the milk came in and Simon's systems seems to be working very, very well. Now if we could just get mama's up to speed!

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