Friday, January 27, 2012

And Just Like That....

This little one now sleeps in a big girl bed.

It turns out that when you take your daughter to gymnastics and encourage her to leap and jump and tumble for 45 minutes and assure her that the mats are as "soft as her mattress at home," she will decide to try some of her moves during bedtime. And she will jump out of her crib and you will have to take off the high walls that make a crib a crib off, and you will have to swallow the changes with that special motherhood elixir: joy and grief. On the rocks.

So, yes, while Seal and Heidi Klum were preparing the public announcement about their separation (could they have waited until I digested the big girl bed thing? They are so self-absorbed), I was saying goodbye to the first of two cribs in this house. Technically, I think Sadie could have jumped out about 11 months ago, but I didn't mention that to her, because with my luck it would have been one of the ONLY suggestions she ever took from me. "Sadie, wanna wash your hands?" "Nope, Mommy." Mmmm 'kay. "Sadie, wanna stop hitting the table with that miniature hammer so Mommy doesn't get a migraine?" "Nope, Mommy." "Sadie, how about we clean up this big fucking mess you made together?" <>. Had I said, "Sadie, wanna see if you can jump out of your crib," she would have dropped her Dora phone and tried it out.

It's pretty funny to lay in bed thinking that at any second she could pad down the hall and come into our room. It's even funnier to us that she still calls for us after her naps or in the morning because she seems to think she can't get out of bed on her own. She lays in that big girl bed and screams for me to come and get her and I just wonder when she'll figure out that she can just hop on out and come and scream at me to my face.

Can't wait.

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