Sunday, January 1, 2012

The more we play together the happier we'll be

When I see Sadie and Simon playing together happily (or at least side by side), I feel happy they are so close in age and so far they are also pretty nice to each other. Although Simon does have a blue bruise on his cheek where he "fell" after coming in contact with Sadie's hands. She had the phone; he wanted it; now he's got a bruise.
I am thinking these two may be hinting they would like to start a little family band a la the Partridge Family. I, of course, will be on the keyboard and Jeff will play the oboe. We'll have to start shopping for good gigs. What will we call ourselves?
Simon is voting for keeping it simple and calling the band: "The Mama and the Papa and the Two Kids." Coming to a juke box near you.

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