Monday, August 23, 2010

Google It Out

Here's the google search I just performed: "Sixteen weeks pregnant and hungry all the time." It wasn't because I have a "friend" who has this predicament; it's me! I am so hungry all the time the past few days. We've moved beyond the lifesaver-and-fennel cravings and now it's just anything savory. Sweet things, for the most part, turn my stomach. Bring me a salty starch, now we're talking.

I think this is being exacerbated by my latest foray into memoirs. Frank Bruni's Born Round has made its way around my group of friends and now it's my turn. I read about 15 pages on the train this morning. Now that I think about it, reading about Bruni's early childhood love of quiche lorraine and all the Italian feasts his mother made may not have been the best way to start the day. He's a very gifted food writer who has some very delicious things to say about all manner of proteins, starches and fats. Maybe it's not that the Cherry Blossom is going through a major growth spurt; maybe it's just the power of great writing.

Tomorrow is our next doctor's appointment, which always makes me a little nutso. I have been feeling Cherry on and off for a few weeks, but once I feel the baby, I want to feel the baby ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT. I want to have a 24-hour conversation with the baby everyday: The baby will "talk" to me by moving around and fluttering her/his wings in my womb and I will listen and respond with reassuring pats on my tummy. That's not how it works, according to an earlier google search I did on "feeling baby move at 16 weeks." I was really hoping I wouldn't turn into a psychopath during the days preceeding our doctor's visits with this second pregnancy. That appears to be a vain hope because I was up a lot last night hoping to feel the baby and then fretting when Cherry didn't kick on command. Already disobeying his/her mother's unreasonable demands. This is a very good thing.

On the upside, I get to hear Cherry's heartbeat tomorrow and check in with my doctor. As a side note, I went to a baby shower this weekend for a friend who happens to be an OB/GYN. Many of the doctors from my practice were there and it was a little strange to eat spinach salad next to three women who have all performed vaginal exams on me. They didn't appear to recognize me, though I can't say I gave them their usual vantage point. Partying with OB/GYN's takes knowledge of a specialized vocabulary. One of the residents signed my friend's shower card by saying, "Enjoy your ADA baby." Peals of laughter errupted. Me and the other lawyer in the room looked at each other and shrugged. I have no idea what ADA means, but I was dying to know. Apparently, ADA stands for "appropriate for gestational age," which I can't say really helped me grasp the joke, but I have great respect for the jargon in any profession and I was a little giddy from being surrounded by such capable, smart, well-dressed, and funny female doctors. On the whole, they seemed happier than the lawyers I know, but now is probably not the best time to be making such comparisons or I am likely to enroll in pre-med classes at UIC.

It's very hard work to do just one or two things at a time. Let's try not to add med school into the mix for at least 7 months. 'Kay?

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