Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hall Pass

I have always thought it was annoying to need a key card to go to the bathroom at the office. Can't adults who are capable of filling out a W-2 form be trusted to traverse to and fro the office to attend to their bathroom duties? For the love of Pete, I hate carrying around that card. The worst is when I forget the card at home in my "other purse" and I have to ask someone to borrow their card every time I have to use the ladies' room. The other night everyone was gone and I needed to pee before getting on the train to go home. I knocked on a male colleague's door and basically begged him to let me use his key card to use the facilities even though he barely knows me at all. That wasn't humiliating at all.

Do I even need to explain how much worse this is when I am pregnant and thus visiting the ladies' room about every 27 minutes?

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