Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pregnancy Cravings

Cherry is approaching the size of a tennis ball these days. That's funny, because my ass is about the size of a volley ball and my breasts are each about the size of a giant softball. Call me crazy, but my favorite physical point of pregnancy is when my babies are bigger than my breasts.

We'll be 14-weeks tomorrow, which is officially the end of the first trimester. God or evolution knew what it was doing with this first trimester nausea. But for the nausea I have had for the past 10 weeks, I would probably be willing to have 6 children or more. If it's good enough for the Duggers, it's good enough for me. But, I am not a young woman. The heat and the nausea was hard on me. The trade off is that now I am craving chocolate and mocha ice cream and losing my excuse to lay on the couch before, after, and during dinner. I think this all means I may have to start contributing to the upkeep of our household. At this point, that may entail more than just having a job that allows us to pay for the cleaning lady, Joanna, to come every other week. As much as I hate doing the dishes, it's probably better than puking in the garbage disposal before breakfast.

Good times.

It seems like I will remember every detail of this first trimester, but my brain has demonstrated some alarming tendencies to just erase important information, so I will record the cravings and aversions here. Then, someday down the road when I am trying to force Cherry Blossom to eat sweet potatoes (because that's good parenting), she/he can refer me to this list and tell me to SUCK IT.

Cravings: Unripened, very hard peaches and nectarines; dried apricots; cherries; pineapples; cinnamon (hot tamales, gum, Cinnabon); red meat (for a few days in week 10); chopped salads (no blue cheese and iffy on the chicken); dijon mustard; Kettle chips; white potatoes; and every now and then, hummus.

Aversions: Chicken; garlic; dates; brussel sprouts; chocolate; anything super sweet; yogurt; luna bars; pretzels; curry (been hating curry since pregnant the first time).

When I get off the blue line in the morning at Washington, there is a donut store right there and sometimes I think I am going to gag and sometimes I think I should order my body weight in glazed donuts. Once I pass that store, there is an Uncle Beard's cream puff store, next to an Auntie Annie's Hot Pretzel store, followed by a Godiva chocolate store. By any account, that's too many damn smells for any person to endure twice a day when commuting, but when you are in the throes of nausea, back it up! It's foul. I note that these days I walk by the pretzel store and wonder if I should bring some home for dinner. Then, I picture Jeff and I sitting down to a plate full of buttered pretzels, and I think that I just can't do it. Not until third trimester.

Yes, this nausea is starting to pass. I don't know if I will ever be pregnant again. I often wonder if we'll have the balls to have three kids, but if we do, I will ask my friend who takes medication for post-chemotherapy nausea if I can have a little. Is that wrong?

Ok. The honeymoon trimester is on her way in. No stopping us now!

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