Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Parking Lots Part II

Today we went on a family walk at the end of the day, because the weather was perfect. So perfect that I declared that if I lived where the weather was like this everyday I would not need therapy.

That's some serious cool breezes.

Anyway, as we ambled into the park, I saw one of my neighbors, Marie, whom I struck up a conversation with yesterday and decided she would be a candidate for my "park best friend." I was happy to see she enthusiastically came over to greet me and Simon this afternoon. I thought she was really putting her heart on her sleeve to give me such an effusive welcome. Turns out, however, that Simon had taken an enormous poop and it was dribbling down his leg. Did I mention I was wearing him inn the Bjorn at the time? Maybe my new park best friend was excited to see me, but then again, maybe seeing Simon's excrement oozing out of the Bjorn was cause for some fast movements and rapid talking that I mistook for friendship excitement.

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