Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

So, we bought Sadie a bike thinking that she would love to ride it because she's always trying to steal other children's bikes at the park. Guess what? She doesn't really give two turds about riding it; she wants to push it. To her, this bike is like a strangely shaped grocery cart. Sweet. I hate to tell her that she looks pretty silly pushing her bike and wearing her helmet, but shaming her probably won't make her want to ride it any sooner.

Jeff and I were so deliriously excited about this bike as we imagined Sadie cruising around the neighborhood, so we have had to lower our expectations. Someday we will learn that Sadie loved bikes when they belonged to someone else; less exciting when it was parked in her own garage for all eternity.

Then, we learned that kids learn how to pedal at age 4 or 5. Sweet. We jumped the gun by about 2 years. That's ok. I checked all the user reviews and the American Flyer brand won't rust until Sadie is about 6, and by then she'll be all, "Mom, get me a Prius."

And, yes, those are my stunningly bronzed legs in the background of the first picture. Stop being jealous of me.

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