Wednesday, June 15, 2011

These are the days

These days are so precious and sweet, which sounds unbelievably corny, but it's true. Today was a great day. Jeff took Simon to breakfast with a friend who was in town for business, so Sadie and I had girl time this morning, wherein we drank milk, ate cereal and got dressed for dance class. It was a rainy summer day here in Chicago, but we had a plan and we dodged the raindrops on our journey towards fun.

Sabrina took Sadie to her dance class and to the park, while Simon and I took our dear friend Trish to lunch for her birthday. I wanted to have a nice lunch and step out of the box so I picked a neighborhood I never go to and googled restaurants. We ended up lunching at Fred's the restaurant in Barney's department store. Hooooo Eeeeee, it was fancy business there at Barney's. Glad I wore my best Gap outlet dress and Tory Burch (outlet) shoes. After a delicious lunch of salad nicoise with salmon substituted for tuna, we perused Barney's, which is not something I have ever done. Here's what's at Barney's: fancy f*cking stuff. Seriously. We saw items I have only seen in US Magazine: Laboutin shoes and Jil Sander purses withh leather so soft I can't believe PETA isn't picking there right now. I whispered to Trish (since it seems like a place one should whisper) that I thought the purse was so soft it must have been made of human penis skin.

And that's when we got thrown out of Barney's.

Just kidding. (About getting thrown out, not about my inquiry to Trish.)

I spent the rest of the rainy afternoon nursing Simon and playing dance party with Sadie, as we cranked up the song "OPP" and rocked the crib. When Jeff was done working, he took Sadie to a nearby park to see some "animal lady" who brings pigs and turtles to the park for children to play with. I was sad to miss the little piggies, but Simon is cutting his two front, lower teeth, and I thought it was borderline abusive to drag him out to the traveling barnyard tonight.

Simon and I spend the evening with a lovely sequence: bath for Simon, nursing, some rice cereal while Mommy cooked blackened tilapia tacos for the adults, and then more nursing and bedtime for Simon.

So lovely.

Need I remind myself that I would have missed all of this if I was working today. Everyday I think about what I would have missed if I was working right now. I feel so grateful that this time is possible for our family.

A perfect day.

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