Sunday, March 20, 2011

Little Boy

Would you look at that little smile? And those cheeks! And that chin. He's all Tate, this one. He's even got a little dimple, which is actually not from my side of the family, but it's damn cute.

Our Prince is thriving amidst the chaos that is our life. He did a 5 hour sleep stretch on Friday night, which, according to someone quite sadistic, is considered "sleeping through the night." Um, not sure who decided sleeping from 9-2 was "sleeping through the night," but you can't fight City Hall.

I am diving into my life as a stay-at-home mom (on maternity leave) and venturing into play groups and Gymboree and lunch dates and walks with the kids, now that the snow has melted. Simon is very laid back and as long as he gets his meals and his clean diapers to poop in, he's pretty content. Simon is starting to smile and make more eye contact. I am singing Graceland to him all the time-- not sure why, but it's turned into "our song"-- and I swear he's tapping his feet to the beat. He's still got that newborn snorty thing going on so between him and Jeff's snoring it's a bit of a symphony in the bedroom during the night. I am pleased as punch that he seems to be sleeping pretty well and we are learning his rythyms more and more every day.

This week should be interesting. I am hosting a neighborhood playgroup on Wednesday afternoon. The part that makes it interesting is that I am somewhat afraid of other mothers. All other mothers. I am not sure why. There is so much second-guessing and it's so political nowadays to be a mom, that it makes me nervous to be around other mothers. And, because I just joined this play group I don't really know anything about the other moms, except their kids' names and their zip codes. They all seem truly very nice, but I am in transition thinking about my role as a professional and a mom and I project onto them that they have it all figured out.

I don't.

I may never figure it all out.

All I know is that I am scared and unsure, but it also seems like the right thing to get to know other moms in my neighborhood. They have already been a great resource for sleeping issues, and where to take children for fun and what to do about schools, etc. It's a great thing so I am just facing the fear and inviting them all into my house for some fun and levity. Or at least for an hour and a half while our kids steal toys from each other, melt down and generally help us all get in touch with shame.

You gotta love what kids do for your life.

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