Sunday, March 13, 2011

Monkey Baby!

Our favorite monkey baby is thriving and growing. He's made it to six weeks! I am a little nervous about the six week growth spurt that allegedly will find him wanting to nurse round the clock. I am trying to prepare myself for this, as I may happen any day now.

Yesterday, I went on a walk with both kids for about an hour and a half with a little detour to Starbucks. It was a nice sunny day, but it was still only about 34 degrees. Sadie didn't have any gloves on, so I had to improvise. At Starbucks I took off my socks and made her wear them on her hands for the rest of the ride home. She didn't really enjoy having my socks on her hands, but it was better than frostbite, or so I tried to explain to her.

Simon is sleeping pretty well. I confess that we have him sleep in his car seat in our bedroom, which is not exactly surgeon general approved, but he did a stretch of 4.5 hours (9:00 p.m. - 1:30 a.m.) on Friday night and if all it took was to make his car seat a bed, then that's what we are doing. Obviously, not a long term solution, but we are on the survival plan still, so we only need to worry about the next 8 hours.

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