Tuesday, August 23, 2011

City Living

If, or when, we pull up stakes and move from our fair city to some suburban hinterland, it will be a night like last Friday that I will miss the most. We took the kids to Millenium Park on Friday evening for some frolicking in the shadow of Cloud Gate, enjoying the best that Chicago has to offer. Sadie is obsessed with water and thinks that the plaza with the water and the people's faces is called "downtown." So, if you are ever around her and you say that you are headed downtown, watch out, because she may attach herself to the roof of your car and beg for a swim diaper.

Simon was not too young to enjoy late summer's gentle breezes, especially when I changed his diaper right in the middle of the whole damn scene. I am not sure what we are looking at in this picture, but it's something tall and fascinating.

As Sadie's speech develops we are hearing new Sadie-isms from her that I hope to chronicle for the ages. The funniest one is when she wants one more of something (one more good night hug; one more chance to swing before we leave the park; one more jump on Mommy's stomach before going to lunch), she says, "last more." We think she's confusing the phrase "one more" with "last one." It makes me smile. She also thinks the color purple is called "purple one." We think this little gem developed because I will often point at something purple and say, "what about the purple one?" It seems that purple is her favorite color, though in Sadie-speak "purple one is her favorite color."

I also noticed the other day that when she wants me to carry her down the stairs she says, "Mommy, carry you." This is conventional pronoun confusion because we always say to her, "do you want me to carry you." To this she says, "yes, carry you." I am way to tired and overwhelmed in my life to try to teach a 2-year old to use pronouns. Plus, it's cute and she can sort all of that out in first grade, or sixth grade if she ends up in Chicago Public school.

In other news, Jeff and I both have seriously strained our backs. It's quite a pickle because Simon weighs 20 lbs and tends to like to be carried, since he can't walk and all. And Sadie's probably about 26 lbs and she likes to be carried, since she is the Queen of the World. So, there are times when both of our juniors want to be carried. We also live in a 4 story house. What are we supposed to do when the doorbell rings, it's a babysitter or someone we can't ignore (like we ignore the UPS guy on a daily basis) and both kids are clamoring for being held, but oopsie, we're on the 3d floor? I will tell you what we do? We put Simon on the left hip, and Sadie on the right hip, and inch our way to the door and then spend the evening feeling like our spines are going to collapse.

All this and we are still in our 30's.

I almost passed out tonight when I was giving Sadie a bath. Do you know how many times you have to bend over to rinse her fro? Only about 7 million times. I was seeing stars and she was unhappy that I kept trying to rinse those damn Burt's Bees shampoo bubbles out of her hair. We finally got it done, but my poor back. All those years ignoring the warnings to strengthen my core are coming to haunt me. I heard on the news that Richard Branson's house caught on fire and that Kate Winslet carried his 90 year old mother out of the flames and to safe ground. After my bathtime hunching there is no way in hell I could carry anyone's mother anywhere, no matter how high the flames.

So I am reduced to this: Complaining about my back on my blog.

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