Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Dude, who took my immune system? All evidence suggests that it is non-existent right now. I was sick right around Labor Day with the stomach flu. It sucked, but thankfully passed quickly. Then, the whole family seemed to be sick for two weeks at the end of September. That sucked as well. Yesterday, I taught my class and held my office hours and then started to feel sick. I got a snack, thinking I needed to boost my calories. It didn't help one bit. By the time I got home from my class, I was shivering and ached as if I had just run the marathon. I made Jeff take my temperature and it was over 100.

Not enjoying parenting two children with a fever. I am convinced I have mastitis or lockjaw. I conveniently didn't call the doctor today during business hours so I have to do that tomorrow to rule out one or the other.

No one tells you that you will get sick all the time as a parent. Maybe it's better that no one told me this. I wouldn't have listened or cared and what can I do about it anyway? Echinacea drip? Vitamin C shakes?

One time someone referred to her children as petrie dishes. I recall that I was mildly offended by that. As usual when I get a parenting holier-than-thou attitude, it comes back to bite me. Hard. Yes, my children run around the neighborhood with their friends and go to their park district classes. Do they pick up germs? Does Sadie still put everything, and I mean EVERYthing, in her mouth? Should I be surprised that I am sick for the 8th time this year? No. I shouldn't.

So that's my excuse when Simon wants to know why I used to put him in a pink cowboy hat and take a bunch of pictures. "Simon, sweetie, I spent most of your first years of life in a feverish stupor and I have no idea why I did anything I did, much less how I operated the camera. Here's some extra therapy money. Mommy loves you. Kiss, kiss."

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  1. I think you could tell Simon that you sold that picture for a lot of $ because it is the.cutest.thing.evah.