Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just a regular fall day around here

Let's review. Simon is sick. Jeff is sick. Sadie goes in and out of being/seeming/acting sick. As of this morning, mommy's sick too.


October 1 and we are all sick before a snowflake hits the metroplex. I am giving the universe a big, old WTF? Is this payback because I don't recycle? Are you pissed about the occasional littering I do? I know those things aren't cool, but I hate driving around with an apple core in my hand. Sometimes I throw it out. Does that mean you send a plague to my house?

It was my favorite kind of day. Gorgeous, crisp fall day, where I felt like I needed both my fleece and my sunglasses. A winning combination. This time, I also had extra Kleenex for Simon, my buggery baby and for Sadie whose body composition is apparently 1/3 snot. Jeff's on his own now that I don't feel good either. In spite of our ailing health and mommy's flagging spirits, we went to Home Depot twice today (once for a workshop with Sadie and once to get a part for an ill-fated dish washer installation by my usually-very-handy husband). We also got a nice sushi dinner out for a bona fide date and now I am in bed grading papers (and blogging) while Jeff is at a party.

Jeff keeps telling me to rest but it's hard when Simon gets up at 5. I am distressed about his wake up time. 6 I could handle, but 5? That's intense for mommy. In fact, I hate it. I feel lonely and it's dark outside and I am so damn tired. Target's not open and I don't know what to do with myself. I keep projecting that I will have to get up at that time for the rest of my life. (Where DOES Sadie get her dramatic streak?) While I am grateful to have healthy, vibrant, curious children, I am struggling with the physical pain of sleep deprivation. Oh, to have one extra hour of sleep.

I am starting to get weird about sleep again. Watch out.

Maybe when my throat isn't as sore and Simon's teeth aren't hurting him so badly and Sadie isn't quite so two-years-old-ish this will all feel different to me. Right now, I just feel sad to be so tired and to know I will probably be up and on duty in about 6 hours.

Thank god for nap times.

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