Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A moment in Time

We're starting to see the bond developing between Sadie and Simon. Sadie spends less time these days pushing Simon over and more time looking into his eyes to say, "hi, Simon!" It's amazing to watch. Simon still laughs hysterically when Sadie jumps up and down. I think maybe he's watching her hair bob on her head when she jumps. He's got a very good sense of humor, that Simon.

I was thinking about this moment in time and how to somehow memorialize it so one day we could place it in our memories. So, here's some of the ambient features of our daily lives:

  • Music: We listen to a lot of music. I think happy households should be filled with music. I am kind of adamant about this. We sing a lot and I force my house to listen to really offensive, cheesy morning radio. I can't explain why I like it, but I do. I feel less lonely listening to buffoons asking calling to text in and say what their worst sexual experience was. Not proud, just reporting. We currently love Adele's "Someone Like You," and Hot Shell Ray's "Tonight" and I downloaded UB40's "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot." We wanted to be multicultural.
  • Park: We go to the park a lot. We are a little out of the routine because of the illness and the rain, but we made a strong showing today, parking it up for over an hour after nap times.
  • Cooking: Mommy has becoming a bit obsessed with cooking. Today I made breakfast (raisin applesauce bread), and lunch (heated up leftovers...that counts) and dinner (curry chicken and couscous) for Jeff. Unprecedented. I love it. Today was my first time to ever use fresh ginger and cornstarch in a recipe.
  • TV: Jeff and I occasionally enjoy a bit of the Boob Tube. We are doing Netflix and currently watching "The Blind Side," with Sandra Bullock. Maybe it's because I am exhausted or because I am sick, but I have felt like bawling during every single scene. I sort of want to adopt a nice, neglected youngster because the movie was so inspiring. Maybe I should mention that to Jeff. We also watch Dancing with the Stars (go, Chaz Bono). Other than that, we are too tired to do anything except watch a little bit of Iron Chef America-- I do love the intensity of Alton Brown. So long as the ingredient has a sweet application, I am all in.
  • Costco: We love our family trips to Costco. We do this about once per week. I put Simon in the Baby Ergo and Sadie rides in the cart. We peruse the clothes section, we eat all the samples, and cruise through produce and canned goods. We have a great routine there. Sadie loves the hotdogs and the "lemon water" we get her. I blow hot and cold on the frozen yogurt there. Sometimes 16 oz of frozen yogurt is too much, even for me.
  • Skyping: Jeff adores Skyping. I would go out on a limb and say he's obsessed with it. I, on the other hand, have a hate/hate relationship with Skype. For some reason, I hate it. I find it intrusive and annoying and it gives me a headache. That's NOT to say I don't love seeing the people I love, I just still hate Skype. Maybe it's too new fangaled for me. Too George Jetson. One of the biggest fights Jeff and I ever had was a result of our divergent views/feelings on Skype. I won't write about it here, but it will probably just make me mad all over again. Of course, it is awesome that the kids get to see family that lives far away. There is no question that is awesome for everyone. I think I hate Skype because all at once technology brings people closer than ever, but it's still not close enough. CAVEAT: It was awesome when our friends went to Europe and we got to Skype them and see the view from their darling hotel's window.
  • I still hate Skype.

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