Monday, October 17, 2011


Mommy: Sadie, look at your beautiful teeth. Can you show YaYa your teeth?

Sadie: [Turning to my mother, YaYa, shows her big smile]. See?

YaYa: Well, your teeth are gorgeous.

Mommy: Can you show YaYa your molars?

Sadie: [Unhinging her jaw and showing YaYa her molars.]

YaYa: Where did you get such beautiful molars?

Sadie: Target.

* * *

Perhaps this little exchange shows that my project to become less consumerist has slipped to the second page of my priority list. I suppose it's time to just embrace our love of the big red bullseye and all the plastic-y, on-sale goodness that is Target.

We've been playing lots of peek-a-boo with Simon (because we are THOSE hands on, doting type of parents) and Sadie is picking up on it. She, however, calls it "look-a-boo." She has a fun time playing look-a-boo with us while she's brushing her teeth. Well, we thought she was brushing her teeth, but really she was eating the toothpaste. Maybe Mommy and Daddy should take a closer lookie-poo.

Sadie has also discovered DVD's. Not sure how this happened other than we leave our shit laying around all over the house, so she picks it up and we use our poor housekeeping as a way to teach her new words. For example, when Sadie found my underwear unfolded on the floor we taught her the word "thong." She found a DVD laying on the table, so now she knows the word "DVD," except for her she calls it a "DV-TV." It's funny. I am proud of how resourceful we can be: It's not that our house is a filthy, unkempt mess; rather, it's that we have a rich and creative way to teach Sadie important vocabulary. Can't wait for her to use thong in a sentence.

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