Friday, September 30, 2011


I made my sophomore appearance at art class today and enjoyed my time there very much. We read a story about great works of art and then an art project based on Picasso's Starry Night. I had a brilliant flash of genius during the class. As I watched the mommies and nannies cheat by doing their little ones' projects for them, I felt the stirrings of anxiety that I felt last time I was there. Should I help her or should I let her just put the water colors in her pants.

Here's what I did: I asked Sadie what she wanted.

So simple. So brilliant. When we were gluing paper, I asked her if she wanted mommy's help with the gluing or if she wanted to do it herself? She said I could glue with her. It felt good to ask her and be explicit with her that it was her project and she got to say how I participated. We had some fun flicking glitter all over the place too. I had a great time. The real magic of being with Sadie and taking in her being and her spirit doesn't leave much time for thinking about me and my mad mothering skills. I can't pay attention to her and support her AND look at what ever other parent is doing and whether I am doing it right. It's enough to be present with Sadie and to sprinkle the glitter.

When was the last time you sprinkled some glitter? I am telling you it's a two-handed job and requires exquisite concentrate.

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