Friday, September 23, 2011

Spider Project Revue

It's Friday, so you know what that means? Sadie had art class today and after completing this week's project, she was allowed to take home last week's project. For those of you who missed the captivating post about how stressful Sadie's art class was for me, allow me to recap:

As Sadie's mother and caregiver for the morning, I wasn't sure if I should just let her do what she wanted with her spider project or if I should take a role that would result in a spider that looked more like .... a spider. I fought an inner battle with myself over whether to intervene, shepharding Sadie to artistic greatness or whether to let her inner artist have free, unfettered reign.

I opted for the latter approach since she's only 2 and if you saw the way I draw, I am probably the very last person in Cook County who should be telling anyone how to execute a rendering of the Very Busy Spider. The result is that Sadie seemed to enjoy the project and the masterpiece will find its way to our playroom wall (for the record, we don't have a playroom in this house, but that's just details. Don't get hung up on them).

Does it look like a spider? No.
Did I behave in a way that allows me to feel happy about the morning I spent with Sadie? Yes.
Is she a budding Picasso? Hell yes.

See for yourself.

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