Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sharing PJ's

Not until Sadie was at least 6 months old did I ever purchase anything that could be used for a baby boy. Then, I went on a shopping spree for pj's that I thought would be gender neutral. Today is the first day that Simon has worn something of Sadie's (in a non-ironic sense, because who could forget the day we dressed him up in pink Cubs gear?). I love these pajamas; I call them the Bert & Ernie collection because they remind me of the bold, fun colors of Sesame Street. (Old Sesame Street, pre-Elmo, back when Sesame Street was full of grouches and mysterious snuffulupagus not little fairies named Abby and Zoe).

Anyway, it seemed like a nice milestone, on this, Simon's 8-month birthday. He spend a lot of the day spewing snot out of his nose and looking for something to chew on, as he's in high teething mode. While I am happy that he's going to have some chompers really soon, the teething process has been a bit of a trauma over here with the pain, the sleep disruptions and the screaming. I was so tired and annoyed at my utter inability to comfort Simon last night that I thought about getting a tattoo on my forearm that says, "Teething, you are dead to me."

In the light of day, I will admit that seems a little drastic and not likely to move us forward as a family.

So, we have done our part to usher in cold & flu season here. Simon was sick all last week and is still a bit puny, as my Grandfather would say. Jeff is flat-out ill-- so sick he even admits he doesn't feel good. He sounds like Barry White with TB right now. Not pretty. Sadie's got her own snot issues. I am so everlastingly grateful to not be sick this round. It's awful to have sick children and a sick spouse, but it's a special awful to also feel sick with them. I am content to keep running the laundry (ok, talking about running the laundry. That counts at my house.) and making dinner.

Speaking of dinner, it's under a nice tin foil blanket right now waiting for me and Jeff to dig in. When I had my wedding shower in September 2008, I asked all my friends to give me good recipes. I haven't touched that book since then. Until today. I am going to work my way through everyone's recipes. Tonight: Chicken Delicious from Trish. It definitely smells delicious and already has upped my top game (fajitas with heated tortillas) in the dinner department. I love that I feel closer to my friends and happy to be branching past pasta and pizza over here.

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