Tuesday, September 13, 2011

George Clooney 45 years ago

Can't you see this little guy gracing the cover of People Magazine's hottest guy of the year? He's got many different "characters" already. Above is Simon's gentle professorial look that he gives me when I do something silly or stupid. For example, Simon will look at me like this when I try to give him a plate of lasagna instead of home-cooked, pureed, organic sweet potatoes. "Silly woman, you know I only have 2 teeth right? Have you lost what was left of your once-sharp mind?"

But, he's got a depth and a gravitas.

This is Simon's attempt at showing the face he would make if the woman he loved just told him she was leaving for summer camp for 8 weeks or if she told him that she might be in love with the guy at Starbucks who gives her extra foam. This is the look of Simon processing information that, at first blush, seems tragic and unbelievable. He's searching for the bright side, the meaning behind the information just delivered. In short, this is Simon's WHY face.

Alas, there is more from our young leading man:

This is Simon's coy, I've got your number, face. Frankly, it scares the shit out of me. Don't you think this is the face of a baby who knows he's won-- whatever the battle, he's on the winning side. He's armed with nuclear weapons (his smile) and all I have is my feeble attempts to remind him how grueling and LONG my labor with him was (and of course that it ended in a C-section). Basically, I have nothing. I will be relying on his kindness and mercy for the rest of my live long days because I gave him my heart and he gave me a block (pictured above) covered in drool.

I am dead meat.

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