Sunday, September 25, 2011

Taking a break

Here's Sadie laying down on the sidewalk in Millenium Park. Good thing I am not a germaphobe or I might have a problem with her laying her precious head on a very public pedestrian thoroughfare. Then again, even if I wanted to stop her from doing roughly 1/2 of the things she does, I might as well get down next to Sadie and bash my head on the concrete. So I pick my battles and Sadie eats her snack laying down in the loop. (Please note the nutritious and organic raisins Sadie snacks on.)

Wait, those aren't organic.

Sadie's been cracking me up these days. She starting to pick up funny phrases and every now and then she'll say them in a correct context. For example, she's been going to story time, and loves it. It's made a huge impact on her because now we play "Story time" everyday. She sits in her little chair and pulls out a book and says "Ok. Here we go." Then, she pretends to read a story that always ends with the following: "Mommy called the doctor and the doctor said, no more monkeys jumping on the bed."

Speaking of reading, when we go to bed at night I let her choose a book to read. Inexplicably, one of the books she loves to read is a Gymboree manual. Can I tell you how fun it is to snuggle up with my baby girl and read to her about games that are good for a 3-month-old's motor skills. To really jazz it up, we read about the separation anxiety of the 8-month old. She's actually loved that book since she was about 3 months old. It's actually falling apart and missing lots of pages. I don't even know how to read it to her because it's not a story book. I am going to save whatever survives her toddler-hood and show it to her when she asks me what she was like as a child. When I show it to her we will look at each other quizzically, reflecting on all of our shared memories about who Sadie is and how this book fits in with what we know (and LOVE) about her.

Also, I will tell her that when she was 2, I used to joke with people that there are two man-made things you can see on Earth from outerspace: The Great Wall of China and Sadie's hair.

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