Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Lots of excitement in the early days of 2011. Sadie started off our new year with a little pee pee in the potty. I started screaming and yelling for joy so spastically that she's probably now traumatized by the whole prospect of ever going near the potty again. I still wrote it in her baby book, though. There is nothing like the thrill of your offspring's urine in a plastic bowl.

On the second day of the new year some friends got together to share with me their visions of my life as a mother of two. It was an incredible experience to hear other close friends share their love with me and their greatest wishes for my family. I am proud and happy to report that many of my friends saw lots of time at the Penninsula in my future and some Louis Vuitton baggage as a pushing present. Now, that's a vision! I am very lucky to have so many great women behind me and my family. Since becoming obsessed with Andre Agassi's autobiography, I have decided that what I need is a coach. A mom coach. I will need the pep talk when my spirits flag because I haven't slept and I am frayed to the bone. I will need someone to give me perspective or a manageable goal for the day when my mind is too mean or mal-functioning to be of any use to me. Like when Agassi's coach would say, "stop missing the balls." I would need my mom coach to say, "you aren't going to get good sleep for a while. Focus on breathing and nursing your son." Something. Anything. Someone to be in it with me and on the sidelines addressing my needs and sensing my weaknesses and able to offer a corrective suggestion. I think this is a great idea, so I am now accepting candidates to be my mom coach.

Another great discovery of 2011 is that I actually did read 30 books last year. I forgot about a Nick Hornby book I read called "Juliet, Naked." It was light and typical Hornby fare with tons of musical references and commitment-phobic drunks stumbling around England. Not my proudest reading accomplishment, but it does take me to 30 and that was sort of a goal.

Our little bambino is due in about 30 days. Less than a month if he arrives on due date. I am so excited. He moves around so much I always think people on the train or in meetings can see my belly moving back and forth. I will miss our in utero experience, which has been very special and intimate. I can't wait to see what the next phase brings!

We do, however, have a few projects to attend to before Junior arrives. Sadly, one of them is dealing with the mouse I saw with my own eyes this morning. I saw a little furry friend scurry from under the fridge to under the oven as I sat peacefully reading my book and eating a banana for the craze of Monday morning began. Turns out it's not so relaxing to find a creature in your kitchen. Between dealing with Mr. Mouse and trying to sew a slip cover with sock monkey material for Meatball's room, it's probably best if he stays put as long as possible. Do I need a mouse in my house when there's a newborn sleeping one floor away?

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