Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Journey to 10 cm

Begins with a single centimeter. And, ladies and gentlemen, that's how much I am dilated as of today. I just saw the doctor and as she stuck what felt like her whole arm into my body to see if I was dilated, I got the rewarding satisfaction of hearing I am already 1 cm.


I was shocked because when I labored with Sadie, I was only 1/2 centimeter after about 7 hours of labor. I was ready for that epidural before I ever reached 1 centimeter.

I am beside myself with joy. I am feeling the distant stirrings of trust: trust in my body and this process. It's been a long time. It would such a gift (and, frankly, a novelty) to go into this labor/birth with a sense of being on the same side as my body. I am feeling it now that I know it's doing it's thing.

As for me, the doctor said that intercourse and doing squats may help this move along. I told her I was all over it. If anyone needs anything from the bottom shelf, CALL ME. I would LOVE an excuse to squat down and get it for you.

Maybe I'll keep dropping things so I have an excuse to squat and pick it up.

Suck it, C-section. I am at 1 cm and not stopping there.

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