Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lost and Found

I had an amazing experience today. Turns out I left Simon's frog hat at the park yesterday and two different neighbors let me know it was hanging on the fence by the sandbox at the park. First, the woman who alerted me a few weeks ago that Simon's poop was dribbling down my leg saw me at Millenium Park and told me that she thought Simon's hat was at the park. I thanked her and told her I would swing by the park on the way home. Unfortunately, the excursion to Millenium Park sapped virtually all of my remaining strength (Jeff has been out of town this week), so I didn't get the hat. After some soul restoring napping, I checked my email and another neighbor from my playgroup sent me an email saying she thought Simon's hat was at the park.

What's so amazing about this?

Community. Being seen. Mothers helping me out because I think when I have my two little peapods at the park, it's pretty obvious I have my hands full. I am thrilled that people know me and my children and have our back. It sounds simple. It's just a hat and it's actually from Carter's so it could not have cost more than $4.88, but it's a symbol of joining the community in my neighborhood and having connected enough that people recognize it when I leave my shit laying around.

I love it!

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