Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Loving

When not outside trying to keep my offspring from melting in the hot humidity, we spend time trying to capture the moments on film. Here's one of my favorites from this weekend. I am pretty sure it's my fault they are both looking up because I was rattling a toy above Jeff's head while he was trying to take pictures. You know me, always trying to be helpful.

Sadie and Simon honest to god just love each other. He smiles unceasingly at her and she loves to hug him and have him in her crib after naptime. It makes me wonder why there is such a commotion about sibling rivalry. Maybe that comes later, but I can say that these two little ones are crazy about each other. Soon enough they will unite against their common enemies: me and Jeff. I am ok with that too. On some level I think kids should be allowed to indulge in some parent hating and they shouldn't have to do it alone.

You can also tell from this picture that my obsession with Hannah Anderssen pajamas as sold by Costo is alive and well. Oh so alive and well. I am totally addicted. I love them and I love that they are only 11.99 at Coscto.

Hannah, I just can't quit you! (when you are at Costco prices).

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