Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weighty Issues

In graduate school, I did a thesis on feminist literature that narrated the topic of anorexia nervosa. Some of the books I read had titles like "An Unbearable Weight," all trading on puns associated with eating disorders. Happily, in my real life the subject of weight brings great joy (when it comes to my children). Sadie embraced her weigh in at her 2 year appointment and we had fun playing with the scale and the tongue depressors before the doctor came in. I was definitely nervous before the doctor came, because Sadie was sort of "challenging" at her last doctor's appointment. (She kept turning off the light and wouldn't sit still making the physical examination a bit lengthy.) Plus, who wants to look like the drip who cannot control her kid during the doctor's appointment?

Anyway, Sadie was the picture of polite and curious during the whole visit. She just stared at the doctor and complied with every request: She showed her tongue, she focused her eyes on the little light, she had her heart checked. Most shocking of all, when the nurse came in to take Sadie's blood to test for anemia, Sadie simply stared in wide-eyed and hushed fascination during the finger pricking and the blood drawing. She didn't even change her expression when she got a fancy band-aid for her trouble. As we were leaving, we managed to score her some Dora stickers making me mom of the moment since I had promised her Dora stickers not knowing if the office would have them.

Mommy : 1; deprivation: 0.

As July comes to a close, we are excited about a visit from Grandma Carol, who will be staying with us for a week enjoying our balmy 95 degree weather. We are having a little soire to celebrate Sadie's second year of life next weekend so we are going to be making some cupcakes and thinking up fun games to play.

We are getting ready to abandon the idea that simply hoping Simon learns how to sleep will somehow produce the sleep we want. We may have to be more interactive in teaching him how to sleep. I do NOT endorse a cry it out method because it's just not for me, but if we don't get some progress on this front, I will be the one crying it out every night. So, that's my way of thinking about the sleep training we may be doing.

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