Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Parking in Style

Sadie favors using my purses instead of the little kiddie purses she has. In fact, her favorite designer is Kate Spade. Naturally, she wants to bring the Katie Spade to the park when we go in the late afternoon. Where is she going to put her glasses, her half-eaten apple, and her bag of goldfish? She was in for a rude awakening yesterday when she realized how hard it was to slide down the big girl slide while trying to keep her handbag over her shoulder. Sadie scores high in style points, but slighter lower for multi-tasking with all that style.

The three-day weekend was quite fun for all of us. We hosted a Bar-B-Que for a small group of close friends and Jeff got some golf time in, while I got to go to the movies and see Bridesmaids. We are getting better at switching off time to get away and do something really pleasurable. Jeff and I even made it out to the movies by ourselves on Friday.

We have really turned a corner here at our house. We are not solely operating in survival mode anymore. Simon is waking up about 2 times a night to eat and on one glorious night he only woke up once. This means we are not as bone-crushingly exhausted as we were for the past 4 months. I have noticed that the extra sleep has cleared my head enough for me to consider what is next for me. With the extra energy, I can imagine taking more of an interest in my career in the near future. But, before I wax too eloquently about all my extra energy, I will note that today I still took at 1.5 hour nap this afternoon. That's going to be hard to keep up if I get a career up and going. I guess for today I can appreciate that Simon is becoming a champion sleeper without Jeff and I having to resort to any draconian sleep training and without us having to reach the gates of insanity from exhaustion. I consider this a very good thing.

Another project in the works over here is a deep decluttering. A friend of mine mentioned that she sold her long-on-the-market condo and I asked her how she was able to finally get it sold. She said, "one weekend we cleaned out the basement in our new house and then the old condo sold." I felt electrified at the prospect of the basement cleaning being connected to the condo sale. I have been feeling weighted down by our stuff: too many cheap, unwanted plastic toys; too many books; too many clothes. All of it. I want a clean, uncluttered house and mind. So, Saturday night when Jeff was going to a party without me, I tuned in to TLC's Horders: Buried Alive and started to declutter our toy bins and book shelves. Honestly, that show scared the shit out of me. I was surprised it was as smart as it was-- psychologists were explaining to the viewers that having that much stuff was a way to isolate and essentially commit suicide. Of course, we don't have that many toys, but I want my family to be surrounded by items that we love and use and not hold on to stuff mindlessly. If you are stalling on a cleaning project, I highly suggest a little Horders episode to unblock the channels.

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