Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's A .....


Oh boy! The gender party was amazing last night. I think I had a little crash today after all the excitement. All day yesterday I tried to just keep my mind busy on whatever the task at hand was, but my mind kept creeping back to the BIG NEWS we were gonna get. People starting arriving at 5:00 p.m., and Jeff made a delicious dinner of turkey meatballs and pasta. Right at 6:00 p.m. we fired up the video camera, called up Jeff's mom on SKYPE so she could hear the news and then we opened the envelope from the doctor.

It was totally wild. I think I blacked out right when we found out. Last thing I remember is staring at my friends' faces who were all sitting on our couch waiting to hear the news. I could see Debbie and Mary and Krista and Trish and then my head exploded when I saw the note that said BOY.

Baby Boy Ellis. We have officially changed his name from Cherry Blossom (because life is hard enough) to Meatball. Our little meatball. Sadie's little meatball brother. The greatest part of the evening besides learning about our baby's gender was that one of my dear friends brought a bag full of boy's clothes for us! They had it waiting in the car just in case we found out it was a boy. Those little blue onsies and the tiny blue hats! I was DYYYYYYYYYYYYING. My head is sort of spinning with thoughts of paint colors and themes and how he is NEVER going to spend his childhood buried in an Xbox or any other video game for that matter.

Meatball. Damn, I love him already. Some of my favorite people are boys. I haven't decided what aspect of Sadie and Meatball's relationship to obsess about right now. I am trying to stick to paint colors and amassing as many cute onsies as I can. Many of my friends have little boys and there are some cute outfits I have been hoping to get my hands on.

As a preliminary matter, we were thinking his room would be a Venice theme, since Sadie's is Paris. It's growing on me. Canals. Blown glass. Ambiance. I like it. We'll have to see how this unfolds. I can't believe how blessed I am to be the mom of a beautiful baby girl and a Meatball-to-be.

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