Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kicking it in my womb

I felt Cherry today from the outside. Little jabs just below my belly button. At first I thought I ate too many noodles for lunch, but tonight I felt the unmistakable jab of my sweet Cherry.

Tomorrow is our 20-week ultra-sound where we get all the important vital information about Cherry's physical body. We are still planning to wait on the gender information until our party on Saturday, but it will be so fun to see his or her little profile and the limbs and the heart chambers. I can't wait.

I will also report that "low rise" maternity pants that have no belly panel are a huge SCAM. The SEC should get right the EF on that. I have bought 2 pairs of these so-called low-rise pants and I was so excited to have cute pants that don't have the huge belly panel. Low-rise is a bit of a euphemism for you-will-lose-these-pants-on-the-train-if-you-don't-hold-them-up. And, that's pretty much what happened to me today on the way to work. Engrossed in a book, secretly feeling so fly and so stylish with my "low rise" black pants, I was almost to my stop at Washington when I realized that over half of my ass crack was showing, thanks to the scientific wonders of maternity clothes. All day long: in my boss' office, on the way to the ladies room, on the way to the printer. I could not go more than 4 steps without having to hitch up my pants by grabbing the belt loop and giving a swift hike. So professional. So attractive.

Looks like some of my famous last words were: "THIS pregnancy I am going to be very stylish." I am still haunted by a co-worker telling me she had guessed I was pregnant with Sadie because I started dressing very "frumpy." That one left a mark.

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