Friday, September 10, 2010


Plans are a'brewing for Cherry Baby.

Most radically (for me), I am researching cloth diapers and all of their accoutrements for this second round of babyhood. I wish I could say it was my commitment to the environment or to whatever other intrinsic value comes from having cloth on your bare ass at birth instead of plastic, but really, I am just sick of how the diaper genie smells. I can't take it. I am still sensitive to smells, even though I am about 19 weeks pregnant. Good lord, when that thing is open I start hallucinating about the third coming of Christ. It's too tragic.

Speaking of smells, this second baby is going to have many advantages. For example, we have weathered our first bout of stomach ick, complete with vomiting and other submissions. On Monday night, I heard Sadie coughing, but it didn't sound too serious so I went back to sleep. That was my first mistake. The second was taking a shower on Tuesday morning BEFORE checking on Sadie whom Jeff found in what can only be described as a puddle of her own vomit. Nice. Poor thing, woke up in a great mood and was reaching out for me, who was freshly showered and trying so hard not to show her that I was about to puke for the smell of her hair. I did what any efficient mother would do: I just got back in the shower with her in my arms and we worked through the chunky tangles in her hair. All day long, though, I thought I would be sick from the memory of the smell.

I always wondered, before I had kids, whether I could take all the gross parts. Would I be able to embrace my puke-covered children and give them the love they need BEFORE hosing them off? Turns out I can and the only price to pay is that I could barely eat all day.

But, I will know when I hear THAT kind of cough again not to just assume all is well. I will come in with the hose ready go and the lavendar candles ready to strike up once the mess dies down.

Time to research cloth diapers so I can become a believer thjen I can spread the Good Word to all the other people who will be changing Cherry's diapers.

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