Sunday, May 22, 2011

He Laughs

Ah, sweet Simon, my little prince who can sleep anywhere, so long as it's less than 33 minutes! How I love him.

We have decided that orange is his best color. Put orange with navy, and Simon reaches a fashion pinnacle.

He's been smiling and laughing so much these days. Yesterday, after his bath, I put my face two inches from his and sang him some show tunes from my repertoire. My specialty is "Muddy Waters" from Big River. He laughed and laughed. When babies laugh it means they appreciate the immense, untapped musical genuis of their parents.

The only thing he loves more then my Broadway homages is his sister. He adores Sadie and follows her around the room with his eyes and smiles at her without fail. So far we have managed to keep the siblings amicable and attached.

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