Wednesday, May 11, 2011

If Oprah Asked Me....

If Oprah asked me what my favorite things are, here's what I would say: (why I have spent lots of time thinking about this is beyond me, because I am pretty sure Oprah's not going to ask an obscure former-practicing-lawyer-turned-mommy about her favorite things, but let's not let that deter us).

1. Hannah Anderssen pajamas: these are for the kids, but they are the nearest thing to perfect I have ever seen on God's green earth. They hold their shape, they are cute as little baby lambs, and they fit so well. The best part is that I got a bunch for Sadie and Simon at Costco. I am a little obsessed with them. I will probably still buy them even after my children no longer sleep in onsies.

2. Carmel Nut Brownie Luna bar: these are the greatest pseudo energy bars ever in life. Period. And I have sampled them all. I could eat these every single day. The nuts are great, the chocolate is heavenly and except for a few weeks during my first trimesters of pregnancy, I have never forsaken my love for them.

3. Skidders Shoes from Target: These little shoes with grippers on the bottom have been amazing. They were great indoor shoes for this winter when Sadie needed something on her feet because it was below 0 degrees, but socks alone would lead to slipping and injuries. I love these so much; I wish I would have bought some for Simon at the time.

4. Dried figs from Stanleys: These little delights have been keeping me regular for weeks. They are also doing the same for Simon-- 7 poopy diapers per day.

5. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin: An amazing little book with some very profound insight into happiness, along with some practical suggestions on how to increase your happiness, even if you are already pretty happy.

6. Nike Air Rift Sandals: Greatest. Shoe. Ever. I love this shoe and it's even better made today than the first pair I got in 2007 for my trip to India. It's so comfortable, funky and the toe part looks like female genitalia. That's a bonus in my book.

7. Super Chill: Move over LaCroix, this sparkling water from Jewel (house brand) has won over my family and Jeff has been known to buy up to 13 cases at a time. With summer coming, I look forward to cracking open the tasty refreshment of Super Chill whenever I want, because it's less than 25 cents per can.

8. Champion Work Out Shirts from Target: At $9.99 per shirt, you cannot be this. I love the colors and the fit and feel happy working out in my new Target shirts.

9. Ralph Lauren Seer Sucker Body Suit for Simon: OH MY GOD, it's the cutest thing ever. Simon wore his green and white seer sucker onsie today and he looked like a chubby, pretty character from the little rascals. I got it at T.J. Maxx for $9.00, and it's soft, comfortable and we just happen to have a pacifier that matches it perfectly. It's perfect for summer.

10. Philosphy Body Lotion (Raspberry cream): I love this lotion. My whole room smells like delicious summer fruit when I put it on. I know lots of people like unscented lotions, but not me. I love the smell of something sweet and delicious in the morning. It wakes up my senses and dazzles my nose. I am currently out of this lotion, but hope to get it replaced as soon as I find myself within 3 blocks of a Sephora.

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