Sunday, May 22, 2011

Probably Wrong....

But we couldn't resist putting some slightly femme accessories on little Simon. That's the reward for being a chill baby-- your parents take advantage of you by putting pink sunglasses and a pink hat on you.

When he's not busy setting his internal alarm clock to wake up at exactly 5:17 a.m. in the morning, Simon is talking and chewing his fingers with what I like to call a certain expertise. He's getting really good at sticking the whole fist in his mouth.

He's also enjoying a late spring visit from his grandparents from Las Vegas. He's getting lots of attention and extra hugs from Grandpa Steve and Grandma CeCe, neither of whom have tried to put gender-bending accessories on him. Yesterday during nap time (and for mommy, any time is nap time), three generations of Ellis men watched the Colonial golf tournament, while the fairer sex slept the gray afternoon away. He is not going to partake in the golf outing this morning since a stray golf ball could pretty much impair his golf game and his life. He's stuck with me this morning, so he'll have to be content taking a walk and more naps.

If I was the going-back-to-work type, which I am not apparently, I would be returning to my firm tomorrow morning. Since we still get up approximately 2-3 times a night, I can't imagine what state my legal practice would be in on so little sleep. The other day I was racing home to feed Simon and I missed my train. Actually, I missed it because I got on going the WRONG way. One of my blunter friends, upon hearing about my train mishap, said it best: "I am so glad you are not working right now. Your brain doesn't work right."

It's true.

In my defense, my day (and night) job doesn't require me to do higher math. My kids require me to have patience, to play (which is harder than thinking for some of us), to get on the floor and have tea or to change a diaper three times in 15 minutes. This is not quantum physics. It's a totally different skill. Maybe when I sharpen these skills I will learn that I should let Simon finishing his business BEFORE changing his diaper since he routinely poops in threes.

We'll see. I am still in training.

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