Saturday, May 7, 2011


Sadie cannot pronounce the letter "s" so she calls Simon "Limon." She calls herself "Ladie," and socks are called "locks." Once you know the key, it's pretty easy to understand Sadie.

Simon wins the prize for the best Mother's Day gift: a stretch of 5 hours between feedings last night. I can't tell you how much that meant to me. Friday night was a very rough night (read: up all night) so getting a break on Saturday night was extra appreciated. I also got a new Cuisanart Griddler from the kids. We had one until a week ago when I dropped ours on the floor. It didn't survive so I am thrilled to have a new one. In my new job, I plan to shower my family with paninis, and I need the right equipment.

My other Mother's Day treats were a fantastic work out, wherein I ran 3.1 miles and a 2 hour nap. My tastes are so simple these days. Nothing commercial about sleep and sweat. It has been a perfect day.

Tomorrow I am going by my now-former firm to return keys and finalize some paperwork. Not to harp on fashion, but what do you wear for this occasion? I don't want to wear anything that broadcasts a "walk of shame" vibe, but I do want to transmit professionalism and an air of "maybe in the future we can all work together since there are no burning bridges here." I will have Simon with me and will be fresh out of therapy so my chances of projecting confidence and collegiality are higher than any other morning of the week. Plus, something about carrying around an adorable baby diffuses any lingering or latent tension inherent in this situation. Here's hoping Simon can turn on the charm tomorrow morning as I turn in my bathroom card and get the shoes out from under my desk.

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