Sunday, May 1, 2011

What's so funny?

Mr. "I only go 3 hours between feedings" Simon laughed his ass off today. Jeff was impersonating Sadie's pronunciation of the word "baby" over and over again and Simon was laughing so hard. I feel really happy to see his joy. It's still kind of weird to hang out with someone who never talks but suddenly will laugh or rip a fart. Who are these people called "babies," that act so strangely?

Speaking of strange, our new interim nanny comes tomorrow for the first time. Monday mornings have been historically hard at our house as I go to early morning therapy and Jeff needs to get working. Zenia could never come very early because she had to get her own children off to school. As we interviewed our interim nanny, we were excited she could come to help us out until our permanent nanny, Sabrina, starts in mid-May. Well, interim nanny, also known as Teresa, has a dentist appointment in what might as well be Iowa tomorrow morning. Thus, yet again, we do the Ellis household scramble on Monday morning.

So, tomorrow I will show the dentally responsible Teresa the ropes at our house. I really don't even know what I will show her except where the diapers are and how baby gates work. Training day here at Chez Ellis.

I will spend the rest of my time praying to Jesus that Simon learns how to sleep longer than 3 hours per stretch because, frankly, I love him to bits, but 3 times a night is starting to grate on my pleasing personality. So, if prayer doesn't work, maybe solid food or jello shots will. But we can't do that until 4 months.

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