Saturday, April 30, 2011

Super Simon

Oh man, this little guy has stolen my heart. He gets pudgier and jollier everyday. He's learned how to roll over, and it's so funny to watch, because he's so round and solid it's like watching a snowman roll. So delicious.

We had a little playdate with a 7 month old baby girl who looked smaller than our 3 month old Simon. He's our affable little bruiser. Jeff was a huge baby/toddler too, but he ended up more on the bean pole end of things. I am totally celebrating Simon and each and every one of his rolls. My rolls, on the other hand, still working on celebrating those.

Big milestone for our family today: eating dinner out. We treated ourselves to the delectable goodies from the Corner Bakery. Simon slept the whole way through dinner and Sadie was content to play with the salt and pepper shakers. Meanwhile, Jeff and I scarfed down our dinner knowing that at any moment one of our offspring could go off like a bomb. We got through it, though, and might even try it again someday. Maybe we will be embolden enough to try something fancy like the Olive Garden or Chili's.

MMmmmmm, Chili's.

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