Monday, April 4, 2011

What smells?

Today I made myself very proud by realizing that I can tell when Simon has pooped in his diaper within about 3.5 minutes of him pooping. I used to brag that it didn't smell, and now that it does, I brag that I can smell it practically instantly. There really are no bounds to the joys of motherhood.

As for Simon himself, he is getting very smiley indeed, even to his less-attractive-than-his-father mother. He still only turns his head to the right, which I am sure is something I should be addressing with little exercises at home, but like the Vitamin D, sometimes I just don't get to it.

I weighed Simon unofficially at the gym this morning and he was 14.5 lbs. Tomorrow is a pediatrician visit so we'll get the official weight that will be recorded in the baby book. I always thought that if a baby got to 12 lbs he/she would sleep through the night. Apparently, that's not true. Simon is still up about 3 times and after 3 or 4 he doesn't sleep so much as kersnuffle. That's the word for all those LOUD ASS infant noises our precious beloved son makes just as I am starting to get back to sleep. I am not kidding you about how loud a kersnuffle is. He sounds like a pug, a breed whose nose is so smushed up that it cannot breathe properly.

And, let's me just marvel at the size of the boogers I pull out of his nose in the morning. I think those account for about .5 lbs of his total weight. They are big and I am almost tempted to save some for the baby book, but even I have to exercise some scrapbooking restraint. It's hard though, because some of those morning boogers are something special and I am not just saying that because I am his mom.

The sweetest time of the day was this evening when Jeff took a business call while Sadie, Simon and I hung out in Simon's room. Sadie experimented with walking around in my flip flops-- I can't say that was exactly a success, but we have all summer to practice. Simon gamely laid on the floor taking it all in and sharing with us some of his more operatic cooes and gurgles. He was pretty fussy all day today, so of course the guessing begins: was it something I ate? did I not hold him enough today? does he have gas? does he know my secret "bad mother" thoughts? is he over tired? was I forcing him to nap when he wasn't tired? is he overstimulated? did we run around too much this morning? should I not have gotten the long-overdue pedicure? I took him to the gym and put him beside me while I got on the stationary bike. He tolerated that for 34 minutes, which was long enough for mommy to sweat and get an endorphine rush. I was operating on the principle that when mama's happy, everyone is happy. Working out makes mama happy.

I write this to remind myself that even the mellowist babies have bad days. Simon was oochie and uncomfortable seeming all day. It doesn't mean I have no breast milk or that I should stop eating all foods except kobe beef. Maybe Simon just needs a little extra patience and compassion today. Just like I may need those tomorrow. Actually, when do I not need extra patience and compassion.

We'll just keep breathing and practicing patience and compassion. They should come in handy when Jeff does an overnight this week and I am solo with the kiddos. If you hear the shrieks and brays of a madwoman, you should know it might be me.

So there is only love and maybe a dash of hysteria.

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