Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lil Buddha

The pediatrician says that Simon is 13 lbs and 12 oz, which is 90% for weight and his height is over 24 inches, which is "off the charts." Um, thank you breast milk for building my giant son. I am grateful he is healthy and thriving. To help myself deal with the sleep deprivation and the panic I feel about it, I read about colic and how parents cope with that. Now, Simon does NOT have colic, thank the Good Lord, but it helped me get this period of little sleep into perspective. The other thing that helps is looking at those adorable cheeks in the middle of the night. I could not deny the owner of those cheeks a single thing. This attitude will probably prove very troublesome down the road, especially if he figures that out! I am spending some time this weekend with friends doing a vision about how I want my life to look now that we have both Sadie and Simon. I am excited to articulate my heart's desires, and a little afraid of what might come up. Having two kids is a wonderful and rich blessing that I don't know how to take in along with a job as a lawyer, having a marriage and friends and getting exercise and sleep. How do you do this? That's the question we will tackle this weekend.

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