Saturday, April 9, 2011

Simon Sweetly Sleeping

Here's what I learned today: taking a 10-week old baby to a big birthday party where everyone wants to hold him and check him out make produce violent and hysterical crying. (In the baby, which may lead to the same hysterics in the mother.)

But, the light at the end of that tunnel is that said baby may come home and crash from the trauma of partying too hard out in the suburbs of Chicago.

As for Simon, who may or may not be the baby in question, as soon as I was adamant about the swaddling, we decided to try to put him to sleep without the swaddle because he absolutely hated it. He turned beat red and tried to fight out of it every time we put him in it, but I still thought he slept better with it. Because I am so freaking adaptable and easy going, we are experimenting with no swaddles. So far so good.

Mommy is ready for some 10-hour stretches of sleep. She will settle for 5.

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