Sunday, April 3, 2011


Look at those adorable cheeks! I am surprised I didn't have to pay extra on my Southwest flight for those. I think I see a dimple on his right cheek, though, admittedly it's hard to tell because his cheeks are so....well....voluminous.

Simon has rounded (no pun intended) the corner into 9 weeks of life. I have 7 weeks of maternity leave left, which only strikes a minor panic through my heart. I have no idea what is going to happen over these next 7 weeks. I am hoping for more bonding with Simon and more sleeping and smiling from him. I am praying for clarity about my job situation and about how to take steps forward to live the life I want to live, which includes inspiration, balance, fulfilling work, joy, flexibility, creativity, compassion and connection. Does that sound like a legal job to you?

But I digress.

We had a great weekend with Simon and we are enjoying his new sounds. His coos have morphed into a little baby language and I sometimes think he's trying to talk to me. I kiss those lovable cheeks about 100 times per day and that never gets old. Someday he's going to be a lean machine like his daddy, but til then, I get to enjoy every ounce of baby fat.

Here's to another weekend as a mother of two. We met some more neighbors today, which, according to Oprah's special on happiness is a great way to increase joy because people who know their neighbors feel safer and more connected. It was nice to meet some wonderful people in our complex because we had just fled Mapplewood Park after feeling a little intimated by a group of high school girls who were calling each other "hookers."

The continued and variegated joys of urban life.

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