Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pet Peeve

Ok, I am all for putting positive energy out into the world and I really do believe in that, but today I have to say that it's been one too many cold and rainy days and I am annoyed. So I am writing about my pet peeve and it's really a twofer-- one for Sadie and one for Simon. Simon: Guess what? Babies fuss and cry. He's 9 weeks old and everything in the world is all new to him. Everything. And he gets tired very easily and that makes him cry. My pet peeve is people trying to explain his cries with a pathology: "Hmmmm. Sounds like colic." Or "Hmmmm. Seems like the breast feeding isn't working." Breast feeding not workin? Excuse me? He's 90% for his age in weight. I am telling you that it's working and I have the body parts to prove it. And, please, don't EVER EVER tell a new mother that you think her child has colic unless you KNOW WHAT COLIC IS. A fussy period is not colic unless it lasts for 4 hours per day. Simon hasn't cried a total of 4 hours in his life. Listen, you can insult my mothering but don't throw around labels like "colic." It's just cruel. Sadie: Guess what else? Everything that Sadie goes through from now is is NOT because she has a new little brother. I am so sick of comments that Sadie's bowel function or her temper is all about having Simon in her life. I don't think that's insightful, sensitive, or true. There's plenty that Sadie had to adjust to with having Simon into our lives (including MORE joy, more family, and more connection), but it's just not the case that her every move is motivated by sibling issues. STOP TELLING ME IT'S ABOUT HER LITTLE BROTHER. Can you tell it's a cold, gray day in March here? I refuse to do a weather rant, but I am holding to the promise that as soon as my therapist dies, I am moving to San Diego.

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