Friday, April 22, 2011

Smiles, Everyone, Smiles

Here are the people I love most in the world. I was actually able to coax a smile out of Sadie for this picture, which is quite noteworthy. Our next trick will be to have both kids smile at the same time.

Last night was Simon's first night in his crib. I was so proud of him sleeping it up in his big boy crib. I was also sad to have him farther away from me. He actually slept better in his crib, just like Sadie did back in the day. I kept going to check on him, so I didn't reap the benefits of all that sleeping, but my little baby boy is growing up! I was afraid he felt lonely or abandoned in his crib, but this morning he was more smiley than ever.

It was very weird to come to bed last night in our room and be able to turn on the light or talk without worrying about waking Simon up. We are in a new era. He's 12 weeks old today. I barely remember life before Simon. I also barely remember what I had for breakfast yesterday too, but you get the point I am making.

My favorite moment of this week was this morning when Simon and I went in to get Sadie. She was so excited to see Simon that she begged me to put him in her crib with him. Ever our affable gent, Simon calmly laid in Sadie's crib while she gave him hugs and tried to get him to drink her bottle. It was so peaceful. Sadie was babbling at Simon and Simon was smiling and following Sadie's every move with his eyes. We remained in the peaceful tableaux until Simon realized he was sitting on a diaper with two rounds of dirty poop, whereupon he began to clamor for a little attention in the diaper area.

Fair enough.

For the record, I have enjoyed our 11 .9 weeks of having Simon as our roommate. I miss him and embrace the next phase of our family life. Last night I asked Jeff what our family song should be. I suggested "Chocolate Rain," but he said that would "send the wrong message." So, the search is on for a family anthem. Now accepting suggestions.

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