Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Search is On

I have to get a good night sleep tonight because tomorrow we commence our search for a new nanny. I want to take all of the lessons I learned with Zenia into account when we search for someone new. My dream candidate will be warm, wise, and calm. She will have experience with children the same ages as Sadie and Simon. She will have creative ideas about how to structure the days and she will never call in sick last minute on a Monday (once a month for 7 months and counting). I want someone who will adore my children and set boundaries lovingly just like I always do. (Ha!) I may end up spending more time at home so she has to embrace being a partner with me, as well as with Jeff. I hope that she will be direct and I can correct the biggest mistake I made with Zenia: not speaking up directly as soon as issues arose. I am picturing someone almost grandmotherly, but with the energy of someone half her age. I hope her schedule is flexible and she lives close to us. There are so many aspects of the relationship that I hope come to fruition, but the single most important one is attending to my children-- engaging with them, keeping them safe, and being a trusted companion for us all. All for about 15.00 per hour.

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